September 2019

TAX BRIEFING September 2019 Trading and miscellaneous income Most businesses start small with a few occasional sales. Only once the trader is convinced that they can deliver the product or service effectively do they launch their business properly. The issue is deciding when trading officially began for tax purposes: was it when the first sale […]

Newsletter June 2019

TAX BRIEFING June 2019 Paying the right NIC Your workforce may include people of all ages from school leavers to those past state pension age, with some working part time or holding down two jobs concurrently. The national insurance contributions (NICs) payable differ, so it is important to get the calculations right. Employers’ NICs are […]

Lifetime ISA

It’s not very often that free money comes along but from 6th April 2017 the Government will introduce the Lifetime ISA. If your child is somewhere between 18 and 40 and hasn’t yet purchased their first home then any savings into this new scheme will attract 25% additional funds from the Government. Where else can […]