Are you self-employed and will have trouble meeting the tax payment deadline?

If you have set up your Government Gateway account you can now ‘self-serve’ to make arrangements to pay your tax bill by instalments. The conditions for this are: You have filed your 2021 tax return What you owe is less than £30,000 You are within 60 days of the payment deadline Can pay it off […]

Rental properties

The question we always get asked is “should I buy this rental property in my name or a limited company?”.  The answer is no longer straight forward and will depend on your individual circumstances and it is not just about the tax.  People started buying residential investment properties in limited companies to avoid having the […]

Autumn Budget 2021

Universal Credit claimants to keep more wages Many employed and self-employed people claim Universal Credit as they have low or unpredictable levels of income. It provides a much needed top-up to their earnings but the benefit is reduced as the worker earns more due to the Universal Credit taper rate. Currently the taper rate is […]