The audit plays a unique role in your business- they help to enforce accountability and promote confidence in financial reporting.

We are registered with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants to carry out audit work.  Apart from normal audit work we also specialise in Solicitors, Social Enterprise Agencies and Travel Agents.

The audit should be considered as an investment rather than a cost to the company, because some of the benefits this brings results in prevention rather than cure.

Some of the benefits of audit cannot be quantified in money terms alone, and include:

-Published accounts are more reliable

-Financial assistance may be easier to obtain

-Fraud within is deterred and any detected frauds can result in full or partial recovery

-Company failure is reduced as weaknesses found during the audit can be discussed with the directors/managers and safe guards put in place

Some inflows of economic benefits to the company may be directly attributable to the audit process, for example:

-an audit recommendation regarding the methods utilised for disposing of scrap/ waste materials or retired fixed assets

-a recommended change in payment times or contract terms to achieve more favourable discounts

-a review of taxation payments and liabilities which uncovers Revenue errors.

Business owners that are planning to sell and retire from their business can gain an advantage over other businesses as potential buyers will know that the company’s systems have been reviewed and tested.

If you would like to discuss an audit for your business in further detail then please contact us without obligation.

We also specialise in:

Solicitors to comply with the Solicitors Accounting Rules;

and Travel Agents to comply with their obligations with the CAA, ATOL and IATA.