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Summer 2024 Newsletter

Cash basis by default From 6 April 2024 the cash basis has replaced accruals as the default method for preparing sole trader and partnership accounts for tax purposes. Previously, only unincorporated businesses with total receipts below £150,000 were entitled to opt out of accruals and file their accounts with HMRC using the cash basis. That […]

Spring 2024 Newsletter

Tax Briefing Spring 2024 Student loans and basis period reform New guidance from HMRC confirms that profits used to assess student loan repayments and entitlement to student finance will include transitional profits from basis period reform. Student loan repayments for self-employed taxpayers are based on the profits reported in each tax year. For the tax […]

Summer 2023 Newsletter

Tax Briefing Summer 2023 Settle the tax with a PSA Occasionally you may reward your employees with something special such as a holiday or a hamper. If the value exceeds the tax-free amount permitted under the rules for say long service awards, trivial benefits or staff suggestions it will be taxable. To avoid your employees […]